“From the Clinic to the Clinic”

Driven by medical needs, CeMM’s mission is to integrate basic research and clinical expertise to pursue pioneering diagnostic and therapeutic approaches focused on cancer, inflammation and immune disorders. CeMM’s innovative approaches are based on a novel, post-genomic, molecular understanding of biological and pathological systems.

At the center of CeMM’s interest are patients and associated diseases.

Strategically located at the campus of the Medical University (MUV) and the Vienna General Hospital (AKH), Austria’s largest medical research complex, CeMM functions as a bidirectional channel between basic research and clinical applications. CeMM facilitates access to post-genomic technologies for the biomedical community and operates as a training- and teaching-center for a new generation of researchers in molecular medicine.

The goal of CeMM is to assist in preparing the predictive, preventive and personalized medicine of the future.